Autodesk 3DS Max Tutorials

Prepare hard-edged objects for Mudbox


This quick tip will help you prepare and export your objects from 3DS Max into Mudbox. Hard edged objects have to be prepared before exporting so you don't loose your sharp edges when subdividing....

UVW Unwrap Tutorial for hard-edged Objects


This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through UVW Unwrapping a hard-edged object using 3DS Max’s inbuilt tools. You’ll learn about overlapped and flipped UVs and some basic UV stitching techniq...

Create Realistic Clouds in 3DS Max


This 3DS Max tutorial will help you create realistic, volumetric, clouds using a Particle Flow Source (PF Source), a procedural opacity map and a 3D object. The technique is for intermediate Max users...

3D Modeling tutorial for beginners – a stack of books


This tutorial will walk you through some very basic, 3DS Max box-modeling techniques. We recommend it for people just getting started with 3DS Max. You'll be creating a pile of 3D books....

Create a Realistic Fireball using FumeFx


This is an introductory FumeFx tutorial in which you’ll be creating a realistic looking fireball. Fireballs are good starting points because you have to go through most of FumeFx ‘s settings to g...

Domino Effect – Basic Reactor Tutorial


This 3DS Max tutorial will help you create a physically correct domino animation. You’ll learn to use 3DS Max’s basic reactor tools. You will also familiarize yourself with Rigid Body collections....

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